Since early times lights have attracted people, and people have gathered spontaneously around lights. Especially, Lights that have fluctuations, such as sky lantern, moonlight or light of flame, fascinate people and people can`t help but putting their hands above them.

Fluctuations of light are not being under control, so it can express wonder in frailty and instability. Therefore these lights play roles not only as illumination but also as healing.

ObOrO is a fragile kinetic light that have fluctuations and fascinate people with it`s wonder in frailty and instability.

ObOrO consists of levitating shining balls. Each ball moves up and down independently, and thereby it takes a variety of forms moving shapes. Levitating balls are suspended in mid-air not with strings or wires, but with only airstream. In mid air, the levitating ball spins with being unstable. So, users can physically touch and feel zero-gravity materials, and change its motion by putting their hands above airstream like a fire.

ObOrO is based on Coanda effect. This phenomenon is very simple, so ObOrO can be easily scaled to different sizes, and transformed to different forms.

ObOrO is still just a structure, but I think this structure can be applied in various thing, for example stage installation with dancers or street lighting.


ObOrO is composed of LED lights, blowers(dyson fan) and stepping motors. The LED illuminates a levitating sphere from underneath. The height of each sphere is adjusted with blowers. The angle of airstreams are controlled with stepping motors.