dis:play(bias) is a display system that consists of physical filters concerning biases such as one`s mental condition,emotion and memory.

Everyone has different biases, so each person has different recognition. One overinterprets, other denigrates. Internal biases generate diversity in expression, so it can be said that biases perform a function of expression filter.

What if i could materialize internal biases?
What if i could utilize biases as a catalyst to bring forward expression and emotion in the real world?

dis:play(distracted) has physical filter materializing mental condition "distracted". it can express a state of moving around restlessly, and concentrating for only a moment. Movies reflected on dis:play(distracted) is under the bias "distracted" and emphasized aspect of "distracted".

dis:play(distracted) is still just a example. There are innumerable biases in ourselves such as optimism, pessimism, so dis:play(bias) has a potential for totally new video expression. I think dis:play(bias) can create a new path, how to make video expression and how to see.


dis:play(bias) is composed of two units: display that removed the polarization filter and 25 acrylic cubes attached polarization filter on. The motion of 25 acrylic cubes are controlled with stepping motors. Movies are reflected only in acrylic cubes. 25 acrylic cubes perform a function of physical filters.