created for Exhibition "Motion Science" at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, 2015

Any kind of art work, such as paintings, architectures or sculptures, is constantly steady and stable. They are so beautiful and perfect, but i think they has grown too perfect and too controlled.

So, I started to wander - what if I could make incomplete and fragile art works like a creature or like weather? and what if I could control things keeping unstable. This question was so compelling that I decided to explore the answer, by building a new type of kinetic structure.

atOms is suspended in mid-air not with strings or wires, but with only air streams. Each balls is free to move in mid-air. It also vibrates constantly like an atoms. Even in a tilted position, balls don`t fall as if they were joined together by a covalent bond. These phenomenon is based on Bernoulli principle.

By removing stability, atOms can express the wonder and mysteriousness in frailty and instability. atOms is not only an art, but also structure.


atOms2015 consists of original control circuits, 56 servo motors and 28 fan motors. The angle of streams is controlled with servo motors. The height of each balls are adjusted with fan motors.